Therapeutic Approach

Dr. Noll’s Therapeutic Approach

In the beginning of treatment I hope we can explore, as a team, different facets of your life and identify key issues. I want to fully understand the history of your issues. I blend different psychological theoretical orientations and adapt methods to fit your needs. Gaining insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all important for productive life changes. Exploring how you interpret events, how you respond emotionally, and react behaviorally will help uncover hidden fears, needs, and desires. Some of the methods I use will help access and understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Talking about your past, present, and future are all valuable. I want to understand your relationship history and how you connect to the people, and the world, around you. I have found exploring family-of-origin dynamics can illuminate present relationship patterns. I want to identify your needs, triggers, strengths, and coping strategies. I believe therapy works best if it is consistent, weekly, and you are invested. I suggest dedicating around 12 weekly visits to the treatment. We can identify goals and formulate modifications to improve your life. The task at hand is not easy and we will need to face your struggles in this process. I have found that with effort and determination you are likely to see positive results. We will evaluate the therapy process along the way to make sure you feel heard, understood, respected, and to reinforce that you are working in the direction of your goals and my approach fits you. I am interactive and participate in the dialogue. I strive to be straightforward in my communication with honesty and transparency. I will give homework when it’s appropriate and if we both feel it would be beneficial. I do want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Helping people manage mental health, addiction, and relationship issues.

Telepsychology Office Location:
16 Sand Piper Drive
South Amboy, NJ 08879-3426
Tel: 732-306-9609
I do not see patients face-to-face in the office. I only do psychological treatment remotely, through a secure on-line telepsychology platform. The above address is for mailing correspondence only.

About Dr. Noll

trioTherapeutic Approach
In the beginning of treatment I hope we can explore, as a team, different facets of your life and identify key issues.
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sunsetClinical Philosophy
My clinical rationale comes from various theoretical viewpoints. I evaluate clients in a bio-psycho-social framework.
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I have experience and knowledge working with different issues and utilizing different methods.
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