Dr. Noll’s Experience

I have experience and knowledge working with different issues and utilizing different methods. Ultimately, I believe that the relationship we build will help us succeed to meet your goals. Some of the mental health disorders I treat include: Major Depressive Disorders, Persistent Depressive Disorder, anxiety disorders such as Panic, Phobias, Social Phobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I treat drug and alcohol addictions as well as addictions to other unhealthy behaviors and relationship entanglements. I help individuals and couples deal with sexual and intimacy issues, infidelity, separation, and divorce. I assist individuals, couples, and families who are struggling to cope with medical issues and chronic debilitating diseases leading to the end of life. I counsel individuals with sexuality and gender identity issues. I treat families with substance abuse issues, behavior problems, as well as parenting and school difficulties. I will help you coordinate your treatment with your other doctors to improve your psychiatric/medical success. I do not work in court with legal or custody issues or do employment, disability or personality evaluations. I focus only on psychological treatment with people who want to improve their mood and functioning. I am experienced utilizing different treatment modalities such as Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, and Family Therapy. My original interest in psychology centered on Family Therapy and interpersonal dynamics, so my therapeutic style and systems-thinking lend well to understanding and helping couples fix their relationships.

While at The University of Texas at Austin I counseled students in short-term therapy and worked for four years at the university’s crisis hotline. I treated children, adolescents, and their families, at child guidance centers. I helped families cope with abuse, neglect, major mental illness, addictions, and domestic violence doing intensive home-based family therapy with Department of Social Services mandated clients. I performed crisis evaluations in local emergency rooms and did substance abuse treatment at a methadone maintenance treatment program.

For a few years I concentrated on program development, contract management, utilization review, and quality assurance activities. At Habit Management I oversaw the program supervising clinicians and assisting the Program Manager. As the Clinic Director at Catholic Charities Family Counseling and Guidance Center, I managed a substance abuse and mental health outpatient clinic with several ancillary programs.

Helping people manage mental health, addiction, and relationship issues.

Telepsychology Office Location:
16 Sand Piper Drive
South Amboy, NJ 08879-3426
Tel: 732-306-9609
I do not see patients face-to-face in the office. I only do psychological treatment remotely, through a secure on-line telepsychology platform. The above address is for mailing correspondence only.

About Dr. Noll

trioTherapeutic Approach
In the beginning of treatment I hope we can explore, as a team, different facets of your life and identify key issues.
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sunsetClinical Philosophy
My clinical rationale comes from various theoretical viewpoints. I evaluate clients in a bio-psycho-social framework.
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I have experience and knowledge working with different issues and utilizing different methods.
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